Based on real events...  It's press night in the West End, and in three hours the curtain will go up on a new rock musical version of a Shakespeare play. Sounds great, right? What could possibly go wrong? That's entirely up to you.

You will be playing the lead and you've only got three hours to rehearse. Use your time wisely. Or don't. Either way the show must go on, but will it end in tears or cheers? Or flames...

A theatrical Twine game by Jonathan Laury


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This is a nice game. I had a lot of fun imagining what it would be like to try and take on a major role in a Shakespearian rock musical completely unprepared.

I'm not a writer, but this was an entertaining game to read. The theme felt interesting and so was the writing. When you can make initial choices on your character's motivation and such, it's easier to get invested in the story. There's a good use of different effects on the text to put emphasis on different parts. As for the actual gameplay, like said, there are lots of choices to be made and some actually require real-time decisions, which works well to underline the stressful situation, I guess.

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